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Are you ready to transform your smart phone, tablet and computer into money making? Join Now!!

We love to hear from you and we are here to serve you.
Please do not hasitate to let us know if you have any question.
Your trust is incredibly important to us and we are always available to answer your questions! Please feel free to contact us.
Frequently Asked Questions

We are new generation of social network media and social network service that offers "Premium Membership" service that allows Premium Members to earn by changing the habits from playing the social network media without getting anything to play and earn.

This powerful platform transformed smart phone, tablet and computer into money making machine and enrich their lives, it was established with strong believe that true freedom comes from unity and great team work.

All the contents that have been posted and shared into Enrich Asia are value and every premium member can earn money from the traffic views of what they have posted and shared, earning from direct referral and team power bonus for 100+ direct referral.

How does it work?

Enrich Asia is the new generation social network that you can share your photos, videos to your friends and your other social networks such as; facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram all or our members can earn from what you have shared, as long as there are “Click View “on your posts. This is what makes Enrich Asia differentiate from others social networks.

All Enrich Asia premium members have personal referral link, with this referral link you can make money and it is unlimited, you will earn $22.50 per referral.

And what’s special?

When you reach the level of 100+ referrals members will get extra bonus from 15% to 30% from your members’ revenue. That’s mean as long as they are earning, you will be entitled for 15% from their revenue, e.g if they earn $300 monthly income per person then you will earn $45*100 = $4500 per month and this is PASSIVE.

The platform is very simple, friendly users and it’s suitable for everyone including the beginning level, don’t need technical skills, don’t need content writing skills, you don’t need to be good at word press, social network marketing skills etc.

All we need to do is, PASSION, a PASSION to learn and to earn….

The system is very simple, the basic criteria is only know how to operate the facebook then you are suitable to join us. Everything you post and share are valued, the more you post and share the more money they make, leverage the power of social network, we want to change the habit of playing from Play for nothing to –play-and-earn.

We want to change the way people think and acts about social media by helping people to make money and build up a PASSIVE INCOME stream for financial freedom.


Registration With Web Application:

If you are using the web application, you can go to, and then the home page will be displayed with a welcome video and registration form at your right hand side. if you are new to enrich asia, you can create your account by fill-up following information such as; your name, sex,  telephone and email address and click JOIN NOW.

Registration With App Application (android, Ios)

If you are using the smart phone, tablet you can down our Android App from the Google Play store or iOS App from the App Store.

After Your Launch The App

Below welcome video, you can log in into your account if you are an existed customer, however you can create your account by fill-up following information such as; Your Name, Date of birth, Sex, Tittle, Telephone, Email address and Click Create Account. *You also can directly log in to your account with your Facebook or Google+.  

- Click on Register if you are new to us. 

- Fill up your personal information in the box and click on -JOIN NOW.

*remember, after your create your account you will have you own referral link id or enrich link id, that allow you share the link to your network and get paid from your direct referral. the referral link is look like,

Enrich Asia is totally different from others; we are the Social Membership site, that built by us and dedicated to the betterment of worldwide communities. It was founded with a strong belief that true freedom can only come from mobilization or unity, when we are united, we have the power to Recommend, Earning Money, and Enjoy the Financial Freedom we want;

  • We are NOT a Network Marketing or MLM company.
  • We built with a strong belief and vision to help people making money.
  • Very affordable LIFETIME membership.
  • No commitment, No Stress, No Monthly Payment or Service System Fee.
  • Our platform is very simple users’ friendly, high security, we built with the latest technologies.
  • Mobile App for both Android and iOS is available in the App and Play Store, where you can down load it and make money from your smart phone.
  • Enjoy Passive Income with Enrich Power.
  • Easy to withdraw your earning.


We want to change the way people "Think & Act" about money, in this new world of technology you do nott need to work hard to make money, what you need to do is to change the mindset and habit, Enrich Asia simplified the Internet Business model to fit everyone includes the beginning level of people, this powerful system will help you to leverage the power of social network to earn more money and PASSIVE INCOME and enjoy freedom lifestyle.

Everyone can earn, earn everywhere, anytime, to MAKE THE MONEY, you need to upgrade your membership to PREMIUM MEMSHIP or Life time Premium Membership with only USD45.00 (Forty five US Dollars).

Click on Account Management at the right hand menu, Click on Referral Link, then Click GET PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP , Confirm your payment, login to your Paypal account (or register new account if you are new to Paypal) then Click on Agree & Continue.

After upgrade your membership, your lifetime premium membership will be active Within 24 hours. 

No! We are totally NOT Network Marketing Company or MLM.

We are the Social Membership Site that built with a strong belief and truly help people to make money. We want to change people mindset from playing social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Line, Wechat..etc) without getting any benefit to the new world that “Earning Money While You Are Playing”.

With our new platform, we will teach people how to use the power of social network and make money with fun, helping each other for the Passive Income and enjoy the financial freedom.

*Unlimited Opportunity to make money online is available for Permium Membership Only!  

To UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP you need to login into your account, under My Account or at the right handside menu, Click on Referral Link.


Click up-grade Premium Membership 


Click on Confirm Payment. 



- Log in to your Paypal Account or Fill up the information to create "New Paypal" Account, then Click "Agree & Continue". 



Click "Continue Again" for the final step, then your Premium Membership and Personal referral link will be automatically activated.

*If you are not familiar with the payment by Visa and Paypal, please check with your Account Manager who recommends you to the Enrich.Asia. or Contact us.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal as forms of payment for Premium memberships at Enrich Asia. You can choose to use a credit card today, and then change to PayPal at a later date, or vice versa. You are in full control over your billing and can choose what works best for you.

Anyway for more safety and security, we recommend you to manage your payment only via Paypal, thats mean you need to use your Paypal account to upgrade your Premium Membership or Withdrawal and you can use your Visa card or Master Card in the Paypal payment gateway. Please kindly contact your Account Manager if any qestion. 

Read here, Four Easy Steps To Make Money.


Enrich’s platform is very simple, to earn more you just try to post (Content, Photos, Videos) more and share them to your social networks such as; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, WeChat, Line etc.

When visitors click on the link that you have shared, you will earn the “traffic or views”, the system will automatically record/track the total “views” and calculate your income by the end of the month.

The More Your Post, The More Your Share, The More You Make Money….

People spend a lot of time with social network media such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Line, Wechat etc. Post, share, post, share ….and you got NOTHING.

Change your habit, change your life and your future. you still play facebook, instagram, twitter ..etc. just do not post directly to them, post it to enrich asia and share them to facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, line, wechat….etc. and make money! it is simple, fun and earn.

Enrich power, is the most powerful platform that allow you to make passive income. learn more on enrich power earning platform.

You can check your total views by Click on Earning History. 



***Post views or traffic views is the amount that we pay to our Premium Members who post and share their content, photos, videos into Enrich.Asia and share to other social network such as; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ or WhatApp. The amount of cost per post view or traffic view is Min 0.0009 -to- Max 0.009 (USD), you can find this in the earning history. Traffic view or post view is not calculated for internal post view or traffic, thats mean you need to post content, photo, video in Enrich Asia and share to other social network as long as there are click view on what you have shared you will get paid and those people who click view on your posts must have the account with Enrich Asia. If they do not have the accoount with Enrich Asia then the post views or traffic views will not be calculated.

How to Post new Article, Photos or Video

I.Login to your profile with your register username and password.

II.In the news feed section you will see this.

1.Put the title of what do you want to share

2.Write something about your post/shares

3.Select photo you want to share

4.Or select video you want to share

5.Select your publicity Friends (Only your friend will see what you have shared), Public (Everyone can see what you have shared), Only me (Only you can see what you have shared).

6.Then, click on Send Post.

III.Or you also can post the update from the left handside menu, at the Media and Article page.


  1. In the media page you can add Photo, or Add Album also can.

  1. In the Article, click on Add Article.

Read Manage Your Profile -Profile setting Enrich Asia

You are simply login to your account, update your withdrawal information under the account setting.

I. Click on the right handside menu, then click on Payment Option, fill up your bank information or Paypal email, Click on "Submit" to save the setting.
II. You can withdraw your earning after the end of the month, the minimum withdraw amount will be $100 (One hundred US Dollar).
III. To request for payment – You can click on requested for Payment by following below steps:

Click on your total revenue at the corner of the right handside or Click on "Earning history" at the right handside corner.



- Click on "Request for Withdrawal"



- Select the "Payment Option" such as; Bank Transfer or Paypal.

- Fill up the requested amount, then Click on "Submit".

*Your payment will be confirmed within 5-7 working day after your request.

Please make sure you have fill up your payment option before request withdrawal. We you encourage you to set Paypal as your primary payment option, via Payment you get your payment within 3 to 5 business days only, it is more fast and highly security.

If you bank address is not valid to withdraw the money from Paypal, then you can choose Bank Transfter as your primary option. To request the withdrawal via Bank Transfter it might be takes 5-15 business days to receive your money, it is depend on your bank.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Please make sure you recorded your password and keep them safely, there few reasons that you cannot login to your account such as, forgot password, your keyboard with CapsLock, try to check it carefully or restart your device before request a new password.

However, to request a new password you are simply Click on Forgot Password, fill up the registered email or phone number then click send.

System will send you the link that allows you to reset your password again into your mail box.

If you did not receive any email from our support desk, please click here for more support.

(1).Click on Forgot password

(2). Enter the email that you used to create your account with Enrich.Asia, then click "Submit". 

The system will send a reset pass word link to your email, follow the instruction to reset your password and log in again into your account with your Username and new password. 

You can upgrade your premium membership by using Visa or Master Card, you do not need to have Paypal account. You just need to fill up the card information, your address and postal code, your telephone number and you pay as guest in the Paypal payment platform. After you confirm payment then your Premium Membership will be automatically activate. Please do not hesitate to ask your Account Manager if you have any question.

Enrich Asia always giving the best support to our members, if you do not have VISA, Master Card or Paypal Account  you also can request for other Payment Option such as Bank TransferIn order to request for Bank Transfer, please kindly contact our Billing Department at